Where Can You Download a 1040A Tax Instruction Booklet?

Taxpayers can download a copy of IRS 1040A tax instruction booklet from the official IRS.gov website, The IRS says. Taxpayers can also download the instructions for form 1040 on Bankrate.com, Bankrate advises.

To the instructions for access instructions for form 1040A on the IRS website, click on Forms & Pubs in the toolbar at the top of the main page, the IRS explains. In Featured Forms & Publications, choose the Individual category, and locate form 1040A. The right of the link for form 1040A has the link for the instructions.

To find the form on Bankrate, select Taxes in the toolbar on the top of the main page, Bankrate explains. Under Tax Forms, choose more Tax Forms, and click on 1040A Instructions under the heading Tax Forms for Individuals.