Where Can DOT Truck Inspection Forms Be Found?

Department of Transportation truck inspection forms are available through sites such as DOT.gov, JJKeller.com, LabelMaster.com and IowaDOT.com, as of 2015. Some sites also offer details about the inspection process, including guidelines on how to fill out the form and the general expectations of a commercial truck driver.

The official website for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a branch of the Department of Transportation, features a free downloadable PDF of the annual truck inspection form. The form covers details such as the current state of the truck and its various components, along with information about the driver's identity and fleet number for tracking the form. It also includes other documents about the requirements for safely and legally operating a commercial transportation vehicle, including links to other websites that cover the process for obtaining the appropriate certification. JJKeller.com offers numerous solutions to private trucking companies for various logistical and regulatory matters, including guidance on truck safety reports. The site also features several articles that cover specific instruction on how to maintain regular truck maintenance and safety.

LebelMaster.com sells annual truck inspection forms that comply with all Department of Transportation regulations, along with accompanying items such as annual inspection decals the Department of Transportation inspection guidelines. Each item comes in packs, with forms selling in packs of 100. Many state Department of Motor Vehicles websites also feature the appropriate commercial driving forms on their websites.