What Can Be Done With the Remaining Balance on a Prepaid Card?


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Apply the remaining balance on a prepaid card to a new purchase, and then inform the merchant of the desire to pay the rest using a second form of payment, such as credit card, cash or check. Most of the major banks, such as Bank of America, which issues Visa-branded debit cards, enable prepaid cardholders to use this solution.

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If the prepaid card is a reloadable card, then reload it in amount that's satisfactory. For example, Starbucks has loyalty cards that members can reload with various values at any time from its website, or they can tell the cashier they want to split the payment for their items, paying both with the remaining balance and with another method of payment. If the prepaid card cannot be reloaded, and there's no desire to ever use it again, then another option is to simply throw it away.

When the amount of money stored on their prepaid cards is all but used up, some consumers have discovered novel ways to use it, such as using the tiny amount remaining to pay for their gas or to donate the card to a local charity or church, while being honest about how much is left on the card and its expiration date.

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