What Can Be Done to Become a Leader?


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To become a leader, start by maintaining personal integrity, which means standing for something unequivocally and keeping any promises that are made, no matter how hard it may be to do so at times. Practice adhering to this code of personal valueswith friends and family,and at work with superiors, subordinates andcoworkers.

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Commit to acquiring more knowledgeforpersonal growth. For example, consider a goal of reading a certain number of professional or personal development books. Business magazines frequently contain sections where they review the latest business books on the market. Try to pick one or more to read to stay current onan area of expertise, or responsibility, andthe latest industry trends.

Learn to be more objective by making it a practice to seek out advice from others rather than limiting decision making to personal knowledge. The diverse perspectives of others may confirm what is already known, or introduce new ideas or ways of seeing something that may proveadvantageous. Related to this, learn to not be afraid of trying something new and failing, because fear of failure can hinder objectivity.

Treat team members with respect and dignity and always be willing to foster their well being. Following these leadership principles can lead tohigh morale in an organization.

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