How Can You Donate to Women Who Can't Afford Clothes?


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Donate clothing to well-known thrift store charities such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army so women in need can purchase quality clothing cheaply. Also donate to local charities and shelters that provide clothing and services specifically for women. Find local charitable organizations you can trust using CharityNavigator.org.

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Before you donate clothing, money or time, research charitable organizations to make sure their missions and practices are in line with your charitable desires. CharityNavigator.org provides easily understandable information about organizations' financial records. Using the website, you can find information about what percent of donations organizations spend on their missions and how much the leaders of the organizations are paid.

Also look at organizations' websites to find out what kinds of services they offer to women. Organizations that interact daily with women in need have a good understanding of which types of clothing, items or services the women benefit from the most, so follow organizational guidelines about what to donate. Some organizations may want clothing donations, while others may request monetary donations to purchase clothing and other necessary items for the women they serve. Some organizations request only specific types of clothing donations to best meet the needs of the women they serve.

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