How Can You Donate Used Medical Equipment?

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment and Medical Teams International accept used medical equipment as donations, state the company websites. These organizations have donation points in some states, including New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington and Oregon, and accept donations from individuals, clinics, hospitals, and medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment is a nonprofit organization that accepts gently used medical equipment, including portable ramps, motorized and manual wheelchairs, all types of crutches, walkers and scooters, according to the company website. The organization, however, does not accept oxygen, propane and helium tanks, over-the-counter and prescription medications, syringes and needles, and mercury-filled equipment. Goodwill accepts donations at any Goodwill store in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey region.

Medical Teams International is a global charity organization that responds to disasters around the world, says the company website. Unlike Goodwill, Medical Teams International accepts unexpired OTC medications, hygiene supplies and medical supplies and equipment in good condition. Individuals who want to make a donation can visit the company website and check the site's individual supply wish list to learn the different types of medical equipment donations the organization currently needs. Individuals can send equipment and supplies to the organization's distribution centers in Redmonton, Washington, and Tigard, Oregon. Clinics and hospitals may schedule a pickup by calling Medical Teams International's contact numbers.