How Can You Donate Used Electronics?


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Consumers can donate used electronics at select retailers, nonprofit organizations and local programs. They can also recycle old electronics or electronic parts, according to Consumer Reports.

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Some retailers have donation and recycling programs that re-purpose old electronics or electronic parts. Best Buy and Staples both offer such programs. Staples also offers rewards for empty ink cartridges and a few other items.

There are many charities dedicated to collecting electronics and redistributing them to people in need. The Make-A-Wish Foundation collects items such as MP3 players, computers and gaming consoles and gives them to children who are staying in hospitals. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence collects and refurbishes cell phones, then re-sells them to raise funds for its programs. Games for Heroes accepts donations of games and handheld gaming devices and sends them to soldiers who are serving overseas. The World Computer Exchange collects computers and donates them to schools in developing countries.

Many nonprofit organizations operate locally. These collect and donate electronics to people within the community. Senior care centers and recreation centers are often happy to receive donations, according to Money Crashers. Consumers can contact local charities and organizations directly or look out for listings in the local paper.

Often, broken electronics and electronic parts are still usable. Consumers can keep these items out of landfills by sending them to local recycling programs. Some programs reuse parts or refurbish broken items. Other recycling programs ensure that electronic waste is disposed of correctly so that it does not harm the environment.

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