Where Can You Donate Used Cars and Trucks?


Trucks and cars can be donated to various charities, including The Red Cross and the Humane Society of the United States. Cars and trucks can also be donated to help benefit veterans in need though Vets Vehicles and VeteransCarDonation.org.

The Red Cross provides a form on its official website that allows users to enter information, including contact numbers and vehicle specifics. Once the form is submitted, a representative then contacts the users with information about finalizing the donations.

The Humane Society of the United States also accepts car and truck donations in a similar fashion as the Red Cross. People who wish to donate vehicles may use the form provided at OneCarHelpHumane.com to provide contact numbers and vehicle information. Representatives then make calls to those who have filled out forms to provide them with information about how to complete the transaction.

An online submission form must also be completed in order to donate vehicles to benefit veterans through Vets Vehicles and VeteransCarDonation.org. When donating through Vets Vehicles, call 1-888-838-7834 to speak to a representative about the process.

When donating cars and trucks to a charity, take the necessary steps to makes sure the organization is reputable. Tax deductions are often provided to those who donate cars and trucks to charity.