Where Can You Donate Old VHS Tapes?

VHS owners can sometimes donate old VHS tapes to thrift stores, community initiatives such as Alternative Community Training (ACT) or public libraries. Alternatives to donation include reusing old tapes for arts and crafts projects or recycling them, according to Stanford Alumni Magazine.

VHS tapes are often tricky to dispose of. They sold very well while they were still the dominant video medium, which means that there are many tapes floating around. They are obsolete, but do not fall into the realm of nostalgia products. VHS owners can try to donate them to various charity projects, but not all charities accept them. They can ask if local libraries or thrift stores will take the donation. Alternately, they can send them to ACT, which is an organization that employs people with disabilities. The organization sorts tapes, recycles those in poor condition and resells those in good condition, as reported by Mother Nature Network. The organization charges a small processing fee, which allows owners to send up to 20 pounds of tapes.

Recycling is a good alternative to donating old tapes. Green Disk is an e-waste recycler based in Washington that accepts electronic waste from all over the country for a small fee. Some communities also have their own e-waste recycling programs.

VHS owners who cannot find a place to donate tapes and do not want to recycle them can try repurposing the plastic casing or magnetic tape for various projects.