Where Can You Donate Fabric?


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If you have fabric that you wonメt use, donate it to a local creative reuse center, which collects discarded items from the community and then redistributes them for reuse by schools and other organizations. Alternatively, swap it for other items you need, or drop it off at a thrift store.

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The Lancaster Creative Reuse website contains a directory of creative reuse centers in the United States and around the world. Each of these centers is different as far as what it will collect, but some do collect craft stash excess. Many of these centers are nonprofit and run independently. These centers provide an opportunity for you to donate your unwanted fabric to a school or organization that can use it for its own projects.

On social media sites like Facebook, you can find local swap or recycling communities where you can post the fabric you have and give it away to the first taker. You might also be able to trade it for another item that you do need.

Finally, you can donate your unwanted fabric to a thrift store. Some people donate items like fabric, yarn and other craft supplies so that others can enjoy them at a discounted price.

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