How Can You Find Dominion Energy Rates?


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Enter a zip code on the Dominion Energy Solutions home page to see fixed-rate natural gas offers for that area. Current Dominion Energy customers receive a bill each month that lists their gas usage in thousands of cubic feet (MCFs), and the rate at which they are charged.

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In Ohio, for example, Dominion delivers natural gas to customers from a variety of suppliers at a Standard Choice Offer rate, which is based on the market price of natural gas. Supply and demand cause this market price to vary between billing cycles, and customers can call the Dominion East Ohio customer service phone number to find out the current SCO rate. Dominion makes no profit from the SCO rate and funds its operational costs with separate fees, which are also listed on the customer's bill.

Dominion Energy also provides natural gas in West Virginia. Go to Dom.com, set the location to West Virginia, and choose the Rates and Regulations page of the customer service section to find detailed information about how customers are categorized and qualified for different rates. Customers who use natural gas in their private homes can click on Residential Service Rate Schedule to see the rate at which they are charged.

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