How Can I Dispute a Medical Bill?


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Ways to dispute a hospital bill include appealing a health insurance provider's decision, negotiating a bill and working with an attorney or medical billing or patient advocate. An individual might also qualify for hospital financial assistance.

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If a health insurance company decides not to cover a hospital bill, the policyholder can appeal the decision if he feels the insurance company should pay the bill. Patients can also check with local hospitals to see how much they charge for a specific procedure in order to negotiate the cost of the procedure if it's higher than the average cost in the area.

Attorneys who specialize in medical cases may have the experience and knowledge necessary to help a patient dispute his medical bill. Patients who decide to turn to advocates and attorneys should ask about upfront and additional fees before allowing a professional to handle a medical bill dispute. In most cases, an individual must pay anywhere from 20 to 30 percent of his savings.

Simply looking over a hospital bill before paying it can lead to the patient discovering he was charged a full days' stay after being discharged in the morning or charged for medications he brought to the hospital with him. Certain additional fees on a hospital bill can also be taken off, such as sheets and gloves.

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