How Can You Find Discounts on Books?

How Can You Find Discounts on Books?

Some ways to find discounts on books include using price comparison websites, searching for used or older versions, considering electronic versions and looking into membership clubs at bookstores. If looking for textbooks, renting the books may be an alternative that can save some money, suggests

Using a price comparison website such as or can help users find discounts by comparing prices across several online retailers at once. Site visitors can use these tools to look for either new or used versions, and sometimes they can even search by price range. Some book price comparison websites are specific to college textbooks, though others have general books.

Checking websites such as and is another way to find discounted books that are used or of an older version. Website visitors can search by book title and compare prices from sellers to determine who has the best discount.

If the desired book is available in an electronic format, users typically save money purchasing the digital copy over the paperback or hardback, mentions This is especially the case when buying college textbooks.

Finally, users can check with their bookstores' websites to find out if any membership club is offered that provides discounts on book purchases. For example, Barnes and Noble has a program that gives users coupons, book discounts, free shipping and other special offers, notes