How Can You Get Discounted Valleyfair Tickets?

Discounted tickets to Valleyfair Amusement Park can be purchased online, in advance, or in a group package. Each of these methods offers customers a different level of discount and a different way to achieve that discount based on their method of purchase.

As of February 2015, Valleyfair daily admission tickets cost $44.99 on a normal day. Tickets can be purchased in advance online during the off-season which brings the cost down to $34.99. These advance tickets can be used any day during the year that the park is open. Additionally, parking passes are available online for $12, as opposed to the $15 it costs at the gate. Planning and buying ahead of time is the best way to ensure the best price.

Another way to get discount tickets is by attending Valleyfair with a large group. There are no qualifications for what this group must consist of - it can be an organized youth or adult group or simply a large group of family and friends. Tickets must be purchased a week in advance to get the group rate, which is determined by the size of your party.

Finally, season passes are available for those who plan to attend the park frequently. The season pass pays for itself in two visits and can be financed for $13 per month over the course of the season, as of February 2015.