How Can You Get a Discount on Six Flag Tickets?


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Discounts on Six Flags tickets are available on large discount sites such as DealCatcher.com, as of 2015. Alternatively, the company grants discounted admission to groups, season pass holders and Six Flags members. Individual parks set their own policies on group and membership pricing.

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Most of the Six Flags discounts available on DealCatcher.com are limited to specific locations. Past offers have included 30-percent-off deals for AAA members, discounted admission for patrons with a Coca-Cola can, $20 discounts off the general admission price and 50-percent-off discounts for general admission at select locations. These promotions may expire before being removed from the Web site, so read each offer carefully before relying on it.

Season pass holders pay an up-front price for unlimited admission to Six Flags theme parks for an entire calendar year. In addition, pass holders receive discounts on park tickets for friends and can bring a friend for free on specific days. They also receive in-park savings on items such as dining and souvenir shop purchases, get to participate exclusive ride-time events, and gain admission to premium attractions such as Hurricane Harbor and Fright Fest. In general, a season pass makes economic sense if more than one visit to the park is planned within a calendar year. Season passes are valid at any Six Flags location but must be activated at the park it was purchased from before it is accepted elsewhere.

Six Flags memberships offer all of the same perks as season passes, but involve a recurring monthly charge rather than an up-front payment. The membership becomes active as soon as the first payment is made, offering a level of convenience. Unlike season passes, memberships do not automatically expire at the end of the year and are cancellable after 12 months.

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