How Can You Get a Discount on Apple Products Online?

How Can You Get a Discount on Apple Products Online?

The discounted Apple computer products sold on the Apple website are refurbished models. They can be bought at a discount directly from the Apple site or alternative websites that sell Apple refurbished products. Apple offers discounts on their new products for educational use and can also be purchased with discount coupons from online discount websites.

Apple's online refurbished store offers an extensive inventory of all Apple products including their full line of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and the iMac. There is also a full inventory of refurbished iPads. When buying directly from the Apple Store, Apple certifies the product has been thoroughly examined and sells it with a 1-year warranty.

Another way to save money on new Apple products, to buy at a discount, is through several of Apples educational offerings.

Apple offers an educational discount to:

  • College students
  • Students just accepted into college
  • Parents buying computers for their children
  • School faculty, teachers and school staff
  • Children that are homeschooled

Alternative ways to get discount on Apple products is to obtain a promotional code from a  discount Website for Apple products. Two such companies, RetailMeNot and Groupon, offer Apple Store coupons and promotional codes. The offers will vary depending on the items. Some of the discount products offer financing where others give a straight discount by purchasing through the discount website.