Where Can You Find a Directory of Local Physicians?


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WebMD provides a local physician directory service, which can be accessed through the WebMD home page. This service allows users to search for doctors by name, specialty and location.

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Users can access this service by navigating to the WebMD.com home page. At the top of the screen, directly beneath the field, the user selects the link Doctors. This link directs the user to a new page, where the user is prompted to enter information about the doctor she is searching for, or to browse for a doctor by category.

To search for a doctor, the user must enter the name or specialization in the indicated search field, enter the location and select the Find Physician button. Physicians within 25 miles of the search location are listed on the next page. Each entry provides the physician's name, address, specialty and years of experience.

To browse for a doctor, the user may scroll past the search fields to the categories listed below. This section allows users to browse by specialization, conditions and procedures. After selecting a category, users are prompted to select a location from a list of options. After selecting a location, the user is directed to the list of physicians within a 25-mile radius.

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