Where Can You Get Dinner Coupons for Restaurants in Frankenmuth, Michigan?

Coupons for restaurants in Frankenmuth, Michigan, are available on the Frankenmuth tourism website at Frankenmuth.org. Click on Discover the Deals on the center of the page to view coupons. Individual restaurants in Frankenmuth such as Zehnder's or Bavarian Inn offer promotional coupons on the website.

Frankenmuth, Michigan, is a small Bavarian town located about thirty minutes north of Flint. German immigrants first settled in Frankenmuth in 1845. Since the mid-1960s it has become a popular tourist location and a storefront for many local artisans. Frankenmuth offers year-round activities for all age groups including hotel resorts, shopping, bars and parks. Zehnder's and Bavarian Inn have become famous around the world for their chicken dinners.