How Can I Determine the Value of Old Currency?

How Can I Determine the Value of Old Currency?

How Can I Determine the Value of Old Currency?

If you've found, collected or inherited old currency, you can determine its value by consulting expert guides and opinions. Professional appraisal and grading tutorials keep you informed as to the value of your currency.

  1. Consult information guides

    Check The Standard Catalog of World Coins and The Official Whitman Red Book of U.S. Coins. Get the appropriate edition of each for your collection, and go through the pricing, metals used and grades.

  2. Study your collection

    Determine the grade of the coins in your collection. Clean some of your coins carefully to eliminate discoloration. Consult a reliable guide or a qualified coin appraiser before you clean anything in your collection. Keep the subtle grades that are used to determine the value of old coins, ranging from excellent condition to scratched and very worn, but still identifiable.

  3. Get others' opinions

    Get a professional opinion to confirm the value of your collection. Attend a coin show in your area, and get the opinion of several professionals.

  4. Check paper money publications

    Get catalogs used by serious paper money collectors. Buy the latest edition to keep informed about any changes in pricing. Examine the thousands of pictures of rare and common paper monies from around the world.

  5. Review currency grading tutorials

    Read books and publications that teach how to grade your paper money. Look for slight differences between each grade. Train your eye to recognize the subtle nuances and tiny imperfections that often depreciate the value of old currency.

  6. Get professional appraisal

    Pay a nominal fee to have your collection professionally appraised. Be cautious to avoid getting scammed by unscrupulous dealers. Be firm, and get several opinions in the appraisal of your collection.