How Can You Determine the Medicare Coverage for a Particular Surgery?


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Medicare patients can determine the Medicare coverage for particular surgeries by using a search engine for services on the Medicare website, reports Medicare.gov. They can also consult a list of covered services on the website. If they cannot find the particular surgery, they should consult their health care provider.

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To use the search engine to find out if Medicare covers a particular surgery, go to the Medicare.gov main page, enter the name of the surgery under Is My Test, Item, or Service Covered and click Go, according to Medicare.gov. If the particular surgery does not appear in the search results, select What Medicare Covers in the toolbar at the top of the page, click on Is My Test, Item, or Service Covered in the drop-down menu, and click on Use This List in the first bullet point under Didn't Find What You're Looking For. Browse the list of covered services for the surgery you require. If you find it, click on the name of the surgery for details on eligibility and out-of-pocket patient costs.

Although the search database and the list show many of the services covered by Medicare, they are not comprehensive, explains Medicare.gov. Patients should consult with their doctor or other health care provider about the need for a particular surgery to find out if Medicare can cover it.

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