How Can You Determine Dividends for Exxon Mobil Investments?


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To find Exxon Mobil dividend information, go to Corporate.ExxonMobil.com, click the magnifying-glass search button, and type "dividend" into the search bar. Click the first result: Dividend Information. The Dividend Information page lists the latest dividend payment at the top of the page.

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Along with the latest dividend rate, listed in dollars per share, the page also lists the latest ex-dividend date, record date and payment date. The ex-dividend date is the date beyond which new purchasers of Exxon Mobil shares do not receive the dividend payment, despite the later payment date, explains Investopedia.

The ExxonMobil.com Dividend Information page also lists previous dividend payments. As of 2015, Exxon Mobil states that its dividend payments have grown at an average rate of 6.4 percent per year over the last 32 years. At the bottom of the Dividend Information page is a downloadable PDF that contains dividend information back to 1911. Some historical dividend payments also included extras, such as shares and stock warrants.

For most shareholders, Exxon Mobil first pays dividends to the shareholder's stock broker, which passes payments on to individual shareholders, states Investopedia. The ExxonMobil.com Dividend Information page lists a variety of payment options for shareholders who hold Exxon Mobil shares directly in their name.

Many financial websites, such as Finance.Yahoo.com, also list dividend information for many stocks. Search for the Exxon Mobil stock code, XOM, on Finance.Yahoo.com to find the Exxon Mobil stock-information page.

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