How Can You Design a Free PDF Invoice Template?


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Design a free PDF invoice template by creating a file in a program such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Adobe Photoshop, and adding sections for client names, work descriptions and total charges, then saving it as a PDF. Alternatively, use an online service such as Invoice-Generator.com or InvoiceTo.me to create the document and save it as a PDF.

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The process for creating an invoice template in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are similar, with the major difference being the formatting options and the ability to calculate totals in Excel. In both cases, begin by opening a blank document and locating the formatting tools to begin shaping its appearance. In Microsoft Word, use the alignment tools to create the section for your name and contact information in the upper right corner, followed by the clients name and the invoice number. Create cells to house the description, hours and price for each task. Excel already has cells, which means you must type your information into the areas and use formatting to change font, size or add coloring.

A graphic design program such as Adobe Photoshop does not have cells, which means you must manually create your own with the line and shape tools. One benefit here is that you are able to add custom graphics and colors. In all cases, open the Save As menu, and change the file type to PDF to save it.

For the online programs, you must include some form of information into the fields, typically your name and an invoice number. Choose to export the file as a PDF, and then save it.

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