What Can You Do With a Degree in Health Promotion?


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If you have a degree in health promotion, you can work in a variety of organizations, planning health education activities and conducting health workshops. Health promoters also develop public media health campaigns and provide health screening services.

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Health promotion is the study of educating communities to acquire the knowledge and skills required to maintain health and well being. A degree in health promotion would involve studying human biology and disease, communication, psychology and public health. Internships and field work are a common component of the degree.

A health promoter or health educator raises awareness of various health issues such as HIV/AIDS, smoking cessation, teenage pregnancy, immunization and heart disease. Health promoters do this by organizing and implementing programs that promote healthy living.

Health promotion involves a combination of medical science and social work. With a degree in health promotion, graduates may work for a large non-profit organisation such as American Cancer Society, giving talks, training volunteers and raising funds. They may also work with a clinical organization such as a hospital, organizing community outreach programs that involve health education, screening and immunization. Corporations also hire health promoters to organize programs that promote healthy eating, stress management and exercise for their staff.

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