Where Can You Find Definitions of Accounting Terms?


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Definitions of accounting terms are found on business and educational websites, such as AccountingCoach.com and InverstorGuide.com. These two websites have search engines where visitors are required to type in various terms used in accounting to find their definitions.

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Accounting Coach lists common words used in accounting in alphabetical order for an easier search. For example, the word “Liability” is located in the letter “L” category on the home page. The site also features a Question and Answers section that answers some of the most frequently-asked questions about accounting.

Under the Suggest a Question section of the Accounting Coach website, visitors can ask questions about different topics of accounting. The questions are then answered by a team of accounting professionals after submission. This process takes longer to provide answers since the website administrators receive many questions every day.

To search for the definition of a particular accounting term on InvestorGuide.com, type the keyword in the search engine at the top of the page, and then click the GO button. InvestorGuide.com also allows its visitors to search for a particular term, either by subject or alphabetical letter, by clicking on the Glossary link. The main page of InvestorGuide.com also features financial articles, news and stock market tips.

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