Where Can You Find Daily Stock Prices?


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Daily stock prices and percentages of stock changes can be accessed on the NASDAQ website at Nasdaq.com. Consumers can search by the stock symbol or view the most viewed stocks for the day.

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The daily stock prices are updated approximately every 15 to 20 minutes on the NASDAQ website for investors to evaluate trends and make judgments about directions of the stock and investment strategies.

Investors can also access up to 10 years of daily historical stock prices on the NASDAQ website. The drop-down menus allow users to search based on a time frame or look at the historical trends of a particular stock or industry category.

Many mainstream publications such as CNN Money and Yahoo Finance also provide daily stock prices online. The two main kinds of stocks include common and preferred stocks. Preferred stockholders typically do not have any voting rights at shareholder meetings, while owners of common stock can vote. Both types of stocks issue dividend payments. When dividend payments are dispersed, preferred stockholders have priority over owners of common stocks. All investors can be at risk when stocks move up and down, which is why checking the daily stock prices helps investors to make informed decisions regarding when to sell or maintain a particular stock.

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