Where Can You Find the Daily Price of Gold?

can-daily-price-gold Credit: Seb Oliver/Image Source/Getty Images

There are tables and charts of current gold prices at GoldPrice.org. Gold Price updates every ten seconds and provides price figures by the kilogram and by the ounce. The site's charts are adjustable, allowing users to view prices in 50 different currencies. Gold Price provides historic price data from 1975 to 2015. The website also includes a table of the annual percent change in gold's price since the year 2000, with data available for eight currencies.

A chart of the average monthly price of gold since 1915 is available at Macrotrends.net. Macrotrends' chart uses data from the London Bullion Market Association. This century-level data can help users make more informed investing decisions. Users can choose between inflation-adjusted and unadjusted figures. Macrotrends also shows recessions on the graph, which visualizes the relationship between gold prices and the state of the economy.

From January to September 2015, gold prices fluctuated between $1085.70 and $1,300.70 per ounce. When adjusted for inflation, historic data shows that gold reached its lowest price in December 1970, when it had a market value of just $36.56 per ounce, equivalent to $219.21 in 2015. Gold reached its peak in January 1980, trading at $677.97 per ounce, equivalent to $2080.01 in 2015.