How Can You Find the Daily Cost of Natural Gas?


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The daily cost of natural gas can be found on the U.S. Energy Information Administration and the Natural Gas Intelligence websites, as of October 2015. The referenced natural gas prices on the USEIA website are for Henry Hub prices, which is a natural gas distribution hub in Louisiana.

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Navigate to the USEIA web page to view daily natural gas prices for natural gas distributed by Henry Hub. The prices listed include current natural gas prices and historical pricing dating back to 1997. The data on the USEIA web page is downloadable to an Excel file by clicking the Download Data link. Applying charting analysis to the supplied data may be done by clicking on the Chart Tools pull down menu and selecting the desired analysis. USEIA supplies this information to the public for free.

The Natural Gas Intelligence website provides daily natural gas pricing for distribution from Henry Hub. The region and location for natural gas pricing may be changed on the NGI website. Click on the Region pull down menu and select from the offered choices ranging from Alabama to West Texas. Select the specific distribution location for the desired daily natural gas pricing. The NGI website offers basic natural gas pricing information at no cost to the public.

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