How Can Customers View Check Stubs Online?


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It is not always possible to view a check stub online since there is no international online database. If an employer is signed up with a service like Paycor.com, you can log in and view your payroll. You can also scan stubs yourself into online storage like Google Drive.

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It is also possible to create your own check stubs online and simply design them so that they mimic your physical check stubs given to you by your employer. Sites that allow you to do this are Paycheckstubonline.com and Pay-stubs.com, and you are then able to store these documents into an online storage service like Google Drive. Additionally, you can save these documents to your email, or just store them onto your computer.

In order to avoid confusion with other terms, a check stub also goes by a few other names: it can be known as a pay slip, a pay stub and a pay advice. It is a document stating the amount of money transacted to the employee by the employer. This document is usually attached to the pay check itself, but it can also be given to the employee at a later time to confirm that the money has been transacted.

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