Where Can CUSIP Numbers Be Found?


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Although the Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures (CUSIP) numbers for financial securities can be looked up through subscription services, a free, non-membership online source for finding the CUSIP number for a common stock is the QuantumOnline website. An additional source, which is membership-based, is the CUSIP Access page of the CUSIP Global Services (CGS) website. As of 2015, registered members can use the service to look up more than 14 million CUSIP identifiers for a variety of securities, including corporate, municipal, mortgage-backed and private placement, as noted on the CGS website.

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Visitors to the QuantumOnline website home page who are looking for the CUSIP number for a common stock can use the "Quick Search" tool at the top of the right-hand side bar. No username or password is required to use this tool. The stock's ticker symbol is the required input; for example, MSFT for Microsoft, F for the Ford Motor Company or PG for the Proctor & Gamble company. After inputting the ticker symbol and clicking on the "Search" button, a page will display the stock's CUSIP number, company profile and its trading platform. The page also provides a link that displays a page with the stock's current price and financial data. A variety of additional investor services are offered through QuantumOnline, but many require a membership registration, as stated on the company's website.

CUSIP numbers are codes that identify North American securities and are used in the clearing and settlement of trades. The American Bankers Association owns the system, and CUSIP Global Services assigns the National Securities Identification numbers, or ISINs, for all securities based in the United States.

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