How Can You Find Current Uranium Stock Prices?


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Information on uranium companies' stock prices is available from MiningFeeds.com. The site provides companies' names and ticker symbols in addition to their most recent stock prices, daily changes in price as percentages, lowest and highest trading values for the day, 52-week highs and lows, and daily trading volumes.

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Users can also search for information for more than a dozen different types of minerals companies on MiningFeeds.com. These include businesses in the gold, silver, diamond, coal and platinum industries, in addition to uranium. Users can also narrow their searches to American, Australian, Canadian and U.K. companies.

When users select stocks on MiningFeeds.com, they have access to graphs of the stocks' price histories, which they can adjust to display a range of time periods as well as to display prices as percentage changes since the start of a period. The site also indicates which exchange the stocks trade on and provides additional financial data such as each company's number of outstanding shares, market capitalization, operating income and cash on hand. The site also provides direct links to companies' websites as well as additional information available from Yahoo Finance. Moreover, the site provides company addresses and a media feed, company press feed and Twitter feed for each stock. Individuals can also register for email alerts with key company news for free on the site.

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