How Can You Find the Current Price of Wheat?

How Can You Find the Current Price of Wheat?

Find the current market price of wheat by searching the term at The website displays both the most recent traded price in U.S. dollars per bushel or metric ton and other recent economic trends involving the commodity.

Like other commodities such as coffee, gold and oil, the price of wheat is determined by a contractual agreement between the buyer and seller. These futures contracts help protect both parties from price changes detrimental to their respective businesses by introducing a third party, an investor, who takes on the risks or rewards produced by fluctuating market prices.

The price of wheat agreed on is largely determined by supply and demand between the buyer and producer, but weather and growing conditions also play a significant role. Inclement weather or a poor yield during a growing season might drive the price up, whereas an overabundance of wheat could bring the price down.

The U.S. Wheat Associates' website breaks down the commodities price index further by specifying economic information in the various types of wheat that are bought and sold.

In the last 30 years, the price of wheat has fluctuated significantly, reaching a three-decade high in late 2007. From December 2014 to September 2015, the economic trend shows the price of wheat steadily decreasing.