How Can You Find Current OmniSource Scrap Prices?

OmniSource scrap parts vary by which collection center takes the parts, so people looking to sell scrap metal need to find their local center and call. Sellers might be able to negotiate, especially if they have a large amount of metal to drop off.

Large metal recycling centers, like those run by OmniSource, typically recycle the scrap on site and sell it to manufacturers and manufacturer suppliers. As a result, their prices are largely dependent on what local buyers are willing to pay.

Prices vary somewhat between different regions, and they vary within regions as well, so online estimates might not reflect the true value of metal. In addition, preparing metal for recycling requires some labor, and commercial recycling centers need to make enough to cover expenses. These factors mean than OmniSource can't offer a single price at all of its centers.

Sellers with a significant amount of metal can sometimes negotiate better prices. Large orders allow recyclers to reduce their labor costs since employees need to take fewer trips to load the material. In addition, large orders let recyclers run their machines more regularly, which results in better efficiency. Centers might also be willing to pay more for regular deliveries, especially if they are predictable. People with a significant amount of metal to recycle might want to contact local competitors as well to see if they can give a better offer.