How Can I Get a Credit Card With No Deposit Having Bad Credit?


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The best way to get a credit card that does not require a deposit when bad credit is involved is to apply for an unsecured credit card. These can be a little difficult to get, however, if credit is too bad.

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There are three types of credit cards that are available to people with bad credit: secured credit cards, unsecured credit cards and prepaid credit cards. Although these are meant for people with bad or no credit to help them build credit, the main point in building credit is to keep the credit line positive and get rid of bad credit, according to Andrews Federal Credit Union.

Prepaid credit cards are exactly what they sound like; these are credit cards that the owner places a prepaid amount on and its usage gets reported to credit bureaus, although not as highly regarded as others. This is because the owner is only trusting themselves with their own money. A secured credit card generally means that the person would apply to a credit card company and put down a small amount of money for a larger amount of money from the credit card company, according to Smart Credit.

An unsecured credit card is one that a person applies for and is granted through the credit card company, with no money down. The credit card companies that specialize in "high risk" consumers are difficult to find and sometimes have a catch, though, such as linking the card to a savings account, as stated by USNews. The application process for all three cards consists of simply putting in putting in personal information for the credit card company to research your credit score.

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