How Can You Create a Product Catalog?

How Can You Create a Product Catalog?

To create a product catalog, create a rough draft, write the product description, create an order form, and have it printed. Product catalogs help business people build long-term relationships with their clients.

Create a mock catalog using the same size paper as the desired final product. Mark each page with a heading for the information that is going in it. Think about the design of the front and back cover, where each product is placed in the catalog, and where to place the order form. Decide the number of pages in the catalog based on how much space is required for descriptive copy and other content.

Next, create product descriptions for each product. Adapt the copy to fit the layout of the catalog when using existing product descriptions available on the business website. Add testimonials, tips, graphics, photos, experts and special catalog offers to fill in blank spots and make the pages visually varied.

Come up with a visually attractive front cover featuring available products to give the reader an idea of what to expect in the catalog. Create a table of contents for the second page, and include a brief personal biography and contact information. Begin the main catalog with a personal message that appeals to both first-time and long-standing clients.

Create an order form to accommodate different types of clients. Make provisions for clients with varying shipping and billing addresses and multiple orders for similar items among other special requirements. Include information on shipping fees, guarantees and ordering policies.

Proofread the catalog carefully, and take it to a reputable copy shop for printing. Ensure that the result is satisfactory before sending the catalog out to clients.