How Can You Create Your Own Pay Stub Template?


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There are a number of web services that allow users to create their own pay stub templates, such as PDF Filler and Pay Stub Direct, where the user can enter information such as their company name, a company logo and an earnings statement. These websites can generate customizable pay stub templates that automatically take out taxes and follow industry standards, according to the Pay Stub Direct website.

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When creating a custom pay stub template, it is important to include all of the information that is legally required to be on the document. Stubs created on the Pay Stub Direct website are proofed such that they follow federal guidelines, according to the company's website. Use the following steps to create a pay stub template on Pay Stub Direct.

  1. Go to the Pay Stub Direct website
  2. Open the Pay Stub Direct website in a working Internet browser.

  3. Hover over the "Make a Paystub" tab
  4. Hover the cursor over the tab that is titled "Make a Paystub" to open a secondary menu.

  5. Click to either create a simple pay stub or a detailed pay stub template
  6. A detailed pay stub will show more information, and can be further customized than the simple pay stub.

  7. Enter all desired information
  8. Click on any of the text boxes and enter any desired information such as the company name and logo or other notes, notices and disclaimers. Click on "View Your Stub" to get the stub through an email.

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