How Can You Create Your Own CV for Free?

How Can You Create Your Own CV for Free?

People can create their own CV for free using an online template or a word processing program. Some colleges, such as the University of Texas, have online resources as well as career academic services that help people create their CVs, because many students use CVs when applying for graduate studies.

To begin writing the CV, input personal information such as name, address and contact information, which should go towards the top of the page. Next, a list of educational experiences should be noted, including the name of the college, the program studied, the name of the degree and the years spent in college earning the degree. Publications or research completed during that time should be included as well.

This includes any internships or traditional jobs. Degrees earned should be placed on the resume in reverse chronological order.

The last section of the CV is where detailed information about employment experiences is placed.

A CV is generally longer and has more detail than a traditional resume. While a resume is usually only one page, a CV can be as long as two or three pages, sometimes more. Resumes generally focus on career and job experiences, while a CV focuses on publications and research.