How Can You Create an Online Payment Invoice?


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To create an online payment invoice, create a template using a word processing program. Many online portals that process payments or sales provide an invoice generator. For many online systems, access your account and create an invoice by opening recent transactions and clicking on the link for sending an invoice. Enter any information needed to complete the invoice, and send it to the customer's email or your own email.

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To create a reusable digital template for a payment invoice using a word processing program, open a new document. Search any template folders for an existing invoice template, or download one from the Internet. Insert text for any field that stays the same for any transaction, such as the company name and contact information, billing policies or a logo. Save the template in a folder for use with any future purchase.

When filling out an individual invoice, first input the invoice number for the payment or purchase at the top of the document. Enter the goods or services for which the customer rendered payment, the quantity of the goods or the hours of service and the subtotal of everything. Include tax and shipping costs, followed by the total amount due. Follow with the payment method used and the customer's contact information. Email the invoice to the customer, and save a copy for your own records.

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