How Can You Create a Mailing Address Directory?

How Can You Create a Mailing Address Directory?

To create a mailing address directory using Mail Merge, set up the directory, create a data source, arrange the content, preview the directory and complete the merge. Microsoft Word offers a tool called Mail Merge that users can use to create a mailing address directory. A user can access Mail Merge by clicking "Tools," pointing to "Letters and Mailings" and then clicking "Mail Merge."

Use the following process to create a mailing address directory:

  1. Set up the directory
  2. Start with the current document or use a template. Using the current document, type the text to replicate for each item in the direction, such as "Address:" and "Name:." Be sure to enter all texts to print only once.

  3. Create a data source
  4. Connect to Outlook Contacts or select a different type of list, such as Office Address List. Alternatively, create a simple new mail address list by clicking "Type a new list" under "Select recipients" and then clicking "Create."

  5. Arrange the directory's content
  6. Insert fields in the main document by clicking "Address block" and selecting the preferred address elements and formats. Save the embedded fields.

  7. Preview the directory
  8. Click the arrow buttons on the main document to preview the items in order. Click "Find a recipient" to preview a particular item in the directory. Make any changes and save.

  9. Complete the merge
  10. Click "To New Document," "All" and then "OK." Alternatively, add footers, headers and other texts before clicking "OK." Complete the merge by saving or printing it.