How Can You Create an Employee Appraisal Form for Free?

How Can You Create an Employee Appraisal Form for Free?

To create employee appraisal forms for free, do some research, find templates, identify a free online tool and create unique appraisal forms. Employee appraisals are a formal discussion and review of employee work, notes

Performance appraisals are often used to evaluate each worker's performance to determine strengths and weaknesses. The assessment results can then be used to award some while providing help to those who have not reached peak productivity, states Use the following steps to create a free performance appraisal from.

  1. Do some research
  2. Go online and read about the importance of appraisal forms. Read articles on how some companies have used this document to improve overall productivity of their organizations. It may also be prudent to talk to other professionals regarding appraisals to get a better perspective on the best way to create a unique form for the particular company.

  3. Find a template
  4. Use online resources such as and to find templates. Go through the templates to know how to structure an appraisal form. Templates also provide information regarding the details that must be contained in a good form.

  5. Use free performance appraisal tools
  6. Access companies that allow people to create free appraisals online. Examples of these tools include those from QuestionPro and Halogen Software.

  7. Create the employee appraisal form
  8. On the website of choice, craft a unique appraisal form according to the pattern depicted in the templates. Print out the final document and use it to evaluate employees.