How can you create effective time study sheets?


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Create an effective time study sheet by creating categories for time of day, location and activity, and then record details under each category to keep track of blocks of time. Choose the time of day to add study hours to the schedule, designate a specific location to study such as a campus library, and give brief details about the study topic. Short time schedules record daily study activities while intermediate and long term schedules cover weekly and quarterly activities.

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Making an intermediate schedule of your entire weekly or monthly school activities is a good place to start when planning a time study sheet. The intermediate schedule gives you a quick overview of all classes, labs and breaks set in a calendar format. Be as detailed as possible, including meal breaks and extracurricular activities. Refer to this intermediate schedule when creating the daily study time sheet. You can schedule study time in one hour blocks, two or three hour blocks, or opt for multiple hour marathons.

One hour study blocks are good for light study activities such as reviewing lecture notes before a test. Two and three hour study blocks are common and great for concentrated studying. Marathon study sessions typically last eight to 10 hours and are difficult to stick with. Refresh your mind and body by taking short breaks during long study sessions.

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