How Can You Create Child Care Slogans?

To create a child care slogan, make the slogan memorable, and make sure it includes the key benefits of your service. Ensure your slogan differentiates and solidifies your brand. Give the slogan rhythm and rhyme, while ensuring it leaves the audience feeling good.

  1. Make the slogan memorable

    A slogan is the portion of an advertising message that summarizes the main idea in a few memorable words. Ensure the phrase you use as your slogan is memorable. For example, an existing memorable day care slogan is "A great place to grow."

  2. Include your key benefits

    Include the key benefits of your service in the slogan. An existing slogan that illustrates that is "Encouraging developmental growth in a living and secure environment."

  3. Differentiate your brand

    Your slogan should show the character of your child care services and how your brand is different from your competitors. "Caring for your children as if they were our own" or "Experience child care as it should be" are examples.

  4. Solidify the brand

    Make your slogan recall your brand name to help your customers remember your brand. For example, "Bright from the start" is a good slogan for a child care center named Sunshine Daycare.

  5. Add rhythm and rhyme

    Slogans with rhythm and rhyme are more likely to stick in the customer's minds. For example: "Your smile is our smile."

  6. Make the audience feel good

    Make your slogan leave the audience with a warm and fuzzy feeling. For example: "We put a little magic into all our kids' lives."