How Can You Create a Business Plan for a Tanning Salon?


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Create a business plan for a tanning salon by outlining the company's executive summary, determining its specific clientele such as young women or professional male models, and creating a detailed analysis of the competition. The plan also needs to include a clear business model, goals for growth over the next five years, and exact marketing and sales strategies.

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The business plan for a tanning salon begins with a statement of its purpose, which must include its positive features and a summary of its mission, such as being a full-service salon that seeks to offer custom care to clients of all ages. The plan also needs to outline the business model, including the specific process for earning revenue. This may include charging hourly rates to customers, offering various service packages or allowing customers to rent private tanning beds. Next should be a series of sections that focus on business analysis, starting with reports on the other major salons in the area and how they pose a threat to the new business. It should also include strategies to differentiate the salon from those businesses.

Another important section is the customer analysis, which looks at the ideal clients for the salon. This should features demographic information to help set sales projections over time. The plan must also include a marketing strategy, which outlines the specific methods for reaching new customers. It may focus on digital tactics, such as search engine advertising and social media, as well as print fliers or television commercials.

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