How Can You Get CPC Certification?

In order to receive Certified Professional Coder certification you must meet the test requirements, prepare for the exam, contact the American Academy of Professional Coders and schedule an exam time. Certification requires two years of relevant experience and completion of the test with a passing score.

  1. Understand the requirements of the test

    Two years of relevant experience is required and must be approved by the AAPC before you may receive a CPC certificate. If you have up to one year of experience, the second year may be waived by taking a 60-hour course. Payment is also required. As of 2014, the CPC exam costs $300 for non-students, while students of the Academy pay $260 and are allowed one free retake.

  2. Prepare for the exam

    Determine the amount of preparation time you need. Next, schedule your exam date at the end of your determined amount of preparation time. The AAPC sends the required study materials to test-takers upon signing up for the exam.

  3. Take the exam

    It can take up to six weeks for the AAPC to approve your exam application. On the day of your exam, it is important to use the AAPC testing locator to find the nearest testing site. You may take the test as an apprentice if the required field experience has not been completed.