Where Can You Get Coupons for Prevacid?

Get coupons for Prevacid from the medication's website, Prevacid24HR.com, by clicking the Coupons & Savings tab on the top page header as of 2015. Print coupons directly from the following page and sign up for the Prevacid 24HR Perks program for additional savings.

To sign up for more savings, click the Sign Up link on the Coupons & Savings Page. Enter an email address into the box on the right side of the page, click the Let's Go button, and then enter a birth date, address and other pertinent information on the following page. As of November 2015, signing up for this program provides a $5 off coupon on a 42-count or larger box of Prevacid, and the company claims joining the program gives access to upcoming promotions and special offers.