Where Can You Find Coupons for Prescription Medicines?


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You can easily find coupons for prescription medication at most manufacturer websites. Often, these coupons provide you with deep discounts on one or more refills of brand-name drugs for a limited number of refills.

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Most brand-name pharmaceutical companies, including Phizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Hoffman-La Roche, offer coupons and savings plans on their websites. In order to receive your coupons, you usually have to take a few minutes to register on the website and answer a questionnaire. You will then receive a printable coupon or savings card that you can then present to your pharmacist along with your prescription.

Beware of the savings offered by these coupons, as in many cases a generic version of the drug is available to you at less cost than the brand name drug discounted with the coupon. Further, most manufacturer coupons are only available for a limited number of refills.

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