Where Can You Find Coupons and Discounts for Cell Phones?

can-coupons-discounts-cell-phones Credit: m01229/CC-BY 2.0

Find coupons and discounts for cell phones at sites such as RetailMeNot and Groupon. Both sites offer a substantial selection of coupons for cell phones and plans from different providers.

RetailerMeNot features a range of promo codes and coupons for various cell phone providers, including Verizon, Sprint and Virgin Mobile. Users can browse by provider or find general coupons for smartphones and used cell phones. RetailMeNot also allows users to see how many people have used a coupon recently and whether that coupon is reported to actually work.

Groupon also offers a large selection of coupons for both cell phone plans and actual phones. Users can browse deals on cheap iPhones and other top smartphones, along with deals and coupons for top services providers such as Verizon.