Where Can I Find Coupons to the Aquarium in Jenks, Okla.?

can-coupons-aquarium-jenks-okla Credit: PeopleImages.com/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Coupons for the Oklahoma Aquarium located in Jenks, Okla., are found on tourism websites and in print publications geared toward visitors. Some individuals qualify for discounts, even without coupons.

The website for Green County, Okla., has printable dollars-off coupons for the aquarium and several other attractions. The Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department website also has aquarium coupons for a free child's admission with the purchase of an adult ticket. The companion website to MetroFamily Magazine offers a Kids Pass, which is a coupon program granting free or discounted tickets to the aquarium and other Oklahoma attractions.

Visitor centers in various Oklahoma locations have brochures and coupons for tourist attractions. Hotels and other businesses that cater to tourists often make coupons available. Restaurants and other tourist-friendly businesses may also carry free local papers and visitor guides that advertise and provide coupons for local attractions. Coupons are not valid for online ticket purchases or for window pick-up for tickets purchased online.

Groups of 20 or more get admission discounts, as do educational field trip participants. Senior citizens and members of the military also get discounts. Frequent visitors to the aquarium might consider becoming members, as members get free admission and other discounts for the year.