Where Can You Find Coupons for Abbott Airport Parking at Eppley AirField?

Abbott Airport Parking at Eppley AirField in Omaha, Nebraska is closed as of 2015. It does not offer coupons, promotions or even parking services any longer. The company offered online coupons on its website, AbbottParking.com, before closing for good.

The company's domain name is for sale, with no mention of its previous purpose. Abbott Airport Parking was sometimes marketed under the name VIP Airport Parking. The company provided airport transportation and security parking services, including free shuttle services to and from the airport. VIP Airport Parking was open for 24 hours per day prior to closing for good.

Abbott Airport Parking never accepted personal checks as payment, instead carrying out all transactions through either cash or major credit cards. The parking lot's self-service parking lot was $10 per day.