How Can You Count Cash Quickly?


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The quickest way to count cash is to use a counting machine. Bill counters can count over 1,000 bills per minute, while dedicated coin counters can sort and process 1,800 coins each minute, much faster than humans can manage. For large amounts of cash, weighing the money is another way to derive an estimated count.

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Most coin counters automatically sort the coins by denomination. While some bill counters require the currency to be pre-sorted, more advanced machines can also sort the bills into different denominations, saving more time and reducing errors. Some equipment can also scan for counterfeit cash. Banks sometimes provide cash counting machines to customers, often for a fee.

To figure the value of cash by weight, weigh all bills or coins of the same denomination on a precise scale. Then divide the total mass by the weight of an individual bill or coin to calculate the count.

For small amounts of money, counting by hand can be as effective as using a counting machine or scale. To most efficiently count cash by hand, first divide the coins and bills. Then sort both the coins and the bills, making a separate pile for each denomination. Count each pile, and write down the tally for each. Finally, add up the tallies to get the final count.

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