How Can You Correct a Mistake on Your Online Credit Score?

How Can You Correct a Mistake on Your Online Credit Score?

Correcting a mistake in an online credit score is a matter of writing to both the credit reporting company and the information provider in question to dispute specific items, citing with copies of appropriate paperwork. This process can be difficult and time-consuming, but is necessary to correct mistakes in credit reports.

Never send original documentation to dispute a claim. Instead, send high-quality copies and keep the originals safely stored.

Dispute specific points

It is important to select specific points to dispute. This means pinpointing which claims made by reporting and informing companies are inaccurate and then fighting those claims with concrete information. A diffuse approach can lead to dismissal of claims by companies.

Dispute with the reporting company

Write down claims of inaccuracy with backing documentation and send them to the credit reporting agency in question. The company must conduct an inquest and provide a copy of said inquest along with whether or not they will amend their information. If they do amend the report, they must reissue it to anyone who received the erroneous report.

Dispute with the information company

Contact the credit information agency with information about the dispute. Include copies of relevant paperwork, then await results on the reporting company inquest. In the event that claims of inaccuracy are supported, the information company must tell the reporting company to amend their data.